What a privilege it is to play this role in your lives.

What People Say

“As someone who has worked extensively, both personally and professionally, with many mediums and channels, I can say that Kathy is among the very best. She’s done a number of channelings for me that offered great insight into the questions I asked, providing me with understanding and clarity that greatly enhanced my life. Highly recommended”

Robert Schwartz

“Kathy’s channeling was amazingly on target with the major issues and questions I was dealing with. It was very clear that the messages were coming from a highly sacred dimensional realm. Not only were the messages conveyed with a Higher sensitivity and loving support, but they were detailed, accurate and thoroughly tapped into exactly what I needed to hear. Kathy is a Gift to this world!”


“There are times in each person’s life where they “lose their way”. Confusion, doubt, frustration, and resignation are emotions that can tap into each individual’s journey. That tapping can bring us to the brink of insanity. We forget our real selves. When we remember we start to feel hope, unconditional love, and joy come back into our life. Kathy brings that back to us. She’s brought it back to me when I’ve had moments of forgetfulness. Her intuitive connection with a higher oneness and energy is unparalleled, in my experience. I’m grateful that my experience has mingled with Kathy’s rare and genuine love and knowing.”


“Please excuse the limitation of language to convey the depth of understanding and peace that I feel after my message from Kathy. I was feeling blocked and numb inside. After reading my message my heart was broken open and I feel like me feet no longer touch the ground. Here is an excerpt of my message shared by my guides through Kathy’s extraordinary gift. ‘This is not your first go round here on earth but you could say it is your most significant, important, and above all else it is one you have prepared for over eons of time. Ironically, what could be seen as all that effort to enter into, rather infiltrate into a world over and over to be ready, willing, available, and so excited to assist the earth into another reality'”


“The only word to properly describe the gift of Katheen Long is ‘amazing’. Her messages are a view from the sky that we have not been able to see before. Her words are beautiful, powerful, loving, and right on the money! During a difficult time in my life, she provided a loving conduit to communicate with my love ones, and to appreciate lessons learned and passed along. Sometimes her words were so true they stung a little, but she acknowledges that. Each message lifted me up, lightened my heart, and gave me a new perspective allowing me to see and understand much more clearly. A session with Kathleen is much cheaper than therapy, and a lot more effective. She is a jewel and each message is an incredible gift. Thank you, Kathleen.”


“These messages I’ve received are simply put: Magic on Earth. I’ve been incredibly lucky to have received many writings over the years. They’ve shaped the beautiful life I live. They give me nearly immediate peace and understanding. They also seem to be timeless. I go back to writings from years ago and find them relevant and resonant in new ways they weren’t when I originally read them.”


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