This gift I carry is one that was designed to firstly assist me in my waking to the memories of my true nature of and as one who is and carries the essence of the creator within my body as you do. In my years of channeling for my own understanding and assisting others there has been so many wonderful experiences that have changed my life by shifting my perspective. In the early days I was bombarded with information that I thought was so outrageous, even science fiction; it couldn’t possibly be true
but now, almost 30 years later, the world has changed so much and of course none of us are the same person but I might as well have been living another lifetime. I can hardly recognize myself.

I have the absolute joy of ‘contacting’, or you could say ‘receiving’ information from the ‘higher selves’ of others to assist them in their time of waking/understanding. I have been given messages from the Arcturians, who early on told me that was my home, from the archangels Gabrial, Michael, Metatron, and others. From Jesus and Mary, and from the higher selves of celebrates, politicians, and others in the public view to gain understanding as to what I call the ‘real deal’ regarding some of the worlds situations; what is the spiritual relevance to what’s happening. You can explore some of those articles at https://creatorconsciousness.blogspot.com/.

I speak to the spirit of those who have passed as they express love and understanding to their loved ones left behind, but the majority of my channeling is for the individual whose higher self speaks to them in times of perhaps hardship or sorrow or even joy to allow them to feel themselves in a manner that they have not before.

My work is in the form of writing that is usually 2 or 3 pages in length. It is a great honor and joy to assist others in this way. If you are drawn to this type of message, please let me know and I would be happy to connect to that part of you that awaits your call.


Why Friday in July?

I live in the Pacific Northwest of the United States where we go months and months with drizzling rain and grey days. For my entire life there aren’t quite that many things that deliver the feelings to me that a Friday in July does. The air is warm. The grass is still green. The weekend is ahead. All is well in the world.

My hope is to help us all feel this Friday in July feeling every day of our lives.

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